Raisins | Munakka | Organic | Kishmish | Seeded | Dried | Greeps | Premium, 400 gms


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# About The Leeve Brand Black Raisins Online
# Raisins | Munakka | Organic | Kishmish | Seeded | Dried | Greeps | Ultra Primium 400gms
# 100% Pure Neutral Organic & Hyginenic Pack by Leeve Munakka Raisins
# Leeve Brand Seeded Munakka Raisins are have Sweet Fruity Tasty and Soft
# Reduces bad cholesterol in blood & helps regulate bp Leeve Munakka Raisins Good For Eyes
# Leeve Munakka Raisins are Helps in digestion, reduces acidity and increase immunity
# Good for an active lifestyle perfect for daily routine.Leeve Munakka Raisins
# assured – Leeve Munakka Raisins are Keeps blood free from impurities and protects the skin cells
# 100% Natural contains anti-oxidants, fibre and potassium. Organic: No One Leeve Munakka Raisins
# Excellent as a snack, as a cocktail biting or for munching anytime of the day
# Storage information- Keep it cool and dry place. self Life 12 month


Munakka Raisins Online

Free Shipping With Offer Price,Buy Munakka Raisins Online | Seeded  Black | Kismis 400gm 100% Pure Neutral Organic by Leeve Dry Fruits

Seeded Munakka Raisins is packed by in hygienic way. We care about the value of products to be shipped in proper way. Seeded Munakka Raisins comes in quite few medicinal properties. It helps for digestive system. Benefits of Seeded Munakka Raisins: Fights against bad cholesterol, Keeps anemia at bay, Keep blood pressure under control. Seeded Munakka Raisins is sweet sugary taste and juicy flavour and it helps to recover from disease.

Raisins are Healthy skin By Dr Monoj Das

Raisins Are good for Pregnancy By Heena Health

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