Organic | Goa | Broken | Cashew | Half | Cashewnuts | Tukada | Kaju | 1 kg Leeve Dryfruits


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# About The Leeve Brand Buy Cashew Nuts
# Organic | Goa | Broken | Cashew | Half | Cashewnuts| Tukada | Kaju | 1 kg Leeve Dryfruits
# Rich in Leeve Cashew Manganese, Potassium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc and Selenium
# Rich source of antioxidants and healthy fats. Low cholesterol
# Provides a good quantity of mono saturated fats.Leeve Cashew Nuts
# Leeve Cashew item form: Whole, allergen information: Leeve cashews
# Good for an active lifestyle perfect for daily routine.Leeve Cashew
# assured – Leeve Cashew Nuts are rigorously tested against the industry's best quality standards.
# 100% Natural crunchy cashew nuts. Organic : No One Leeve Cashew
# Excellent as a snack, as a cocktail biting or for munching anytime of the day
# Storage information- Keep it cool and dry place.self Life 6 month


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Free Shipping With Offer Price, Buy Broken Cashew nuts Half Cashew, Organic Kaju Tukda , Goa Cashew , Superior Quality 1kg Pack 100% Pure Neutral Organic by Leeve Dry Fruits

Cashews are from goa, Its delightful sweetest and delicious taste, crispy and crunchy. We packed properly in air bubble wrap packing. Cashew is packed with energy, antioxidant, minerals and vitamins. Cashews are high in calories where 100 gms of nuts provides 553 calories. Cashews have crunchy, buttery texture with a pleasant sweet fruity aroma. Cashew are Health benefits for all below 1. Prevent cancer, 2. Healthy Heart 3. Lowers High Blood Pressure 4. Helps Hair 5. Healthy Bones 6. High in Vitamins Many more. have number of varieties in cashew and flavoured cashew like red chilly cashew, green chilly cashews and black pepper cashews and in plain cashew there are many varieties, quality and taste. This is Buy Superior Quality Cashew nuts.

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