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# About The Leeve Brand Buy Clove Online
# Whole Spices | Clove | Laung Spices,400g Leeve Spices
# Leeve Brand Clove is the root stalk of a tropical plant that's part of the ginger family. One of the main components of the spice is a substance called curcumin
# Leeve Brand These are whole Clove For strong flavour
# Leeve Clove are 100 % natural and good in quality. # Storage information- Keep it cool and dry place. self Life 12 month


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Free Shipping With Offer Price , Buy Clove Online | Whole Spices | Clove | Laung Spices,800gms pack 100% Pure Neutral Organic by Leeve Dry Spices

Buy Clove is included in whole spices, Musea is used in any dish to add a flavour to make a delicious food. have number of Spices like elaichi, black elaichi, lavang (Clove), Jaypatri, Rampatri, Triphala, Jeera (Cumin), Mustard Seeds(Rai), Coconut, Fenugreek Seeds and so on. spices have natural and hygienic packed.

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