0408SI0S00S California Almonds, 800g

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California Almonds is packed from Nashik. Almonds or a badam is useful for just not only for a snack but the benefits behind almonds is in wide range. Almonds contains lot of fiber, proteins, magnesium, vitamin E. The Health Benefits of Almonds, Badam include lower blood sugar level and lower cholesterol level and lower blood pressure. They can also reduce hunger and promote weight loss. Points to get benefit of almonds 1. Prevent Heart Disease and Heart Attacks. 2. Support Healthy Brain Function. 3. Maintain Skin Health. 4. Control Blood Sugar Levels and prevent diabetes. 5. Helps in Weight Loss and prevent overeating. 6. Fights against cancer and inflammations. No pesticides or harmful chemicals Better nutrition ? rich in antioxidants Better taste Better ecology Sustainable -better planet for our children Safe food No water contamination Farmers ? better lives


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